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Welcome to Harvey's Foundry Trust

Promoting the Preservation & Development of the former Harvey's Foundry Site in Hayle, Cornwall

Hayle is a town forged during the Industrial revolution by the growth of two great companies - at the eastern end of the town the famous Cornish Copper Company and in the west the innovative and pioneering iron foundry of Harvey and Company.

John Harvey founded the company in the 1790's and under his son Henry and subsequent generations of managers and engineers it grew into a world wide organisation producing mining equipment and most notably steam pumping engines.

Since 1986 a group of like minded people have campaigned to protect what is left of the buildings and structures associated with Harvey & Co. and to encourage a wider understanding of the heritage of the Company and the Town.

This website offers links to our many partners, describes the Trust and our work, and explains the history of the town and Harvey & Co. It also describes our ambitious plans for a heritage site here at the Foundry.

If you have any association with Harvey & Co or an interest in Hayle and its heritage we would be delighted to hear from you.

HARVEY'S FOUNDRY TRUST, John Harvey House, 24 Foundry Square, Hayle, Cornwall, TR27 4HH

Registered in England No. 4764003

Registered Charity No. 1112920


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AIM & Pilgrim Trust Grant for Conservation Work

Biggleston Collection

18 November 2016. Harvey’s Foundry Trust has been awarded a grant of £1,967.00 from AIM and the Pilgrim Trust to undertake conservation work on a collection of papers dating from the late 1800’s.

The papers known as the Biggleston collection have been kindly donated to the centre by Ray Wise, they were found in the eaves of the Biggleston shop in Hayle, when Mr Wise renovated its roof ten years ago.

The collection consists of over 1,200 papers mainly receipts, letters and postcards (most still on their original metal bill spikes) relating to the shop.  Biggleston’s has stood as a shop in the town for over 120 years; it is a landmark building and people treasure it. These papers give a fascinating and rare insight into the town during this period, the wide range of materials that could be bought and sold, and dealings between the shop and companies from around the UK and the world.

We are working with PZ Conservation C.I.C on this project, experts on the conservation of book and archive materials who are providing guidance, training, materials, conservation work and are also advising on the long term storage of the documents. We are also using this opportunity to train volunteers in paper conservation.

The papers can be viewed by the public in a number of ways, regular updates on the project through social media and our website, some of the papers will be digitised and available through our website, and some of the papers will be used as part of the new exhibition. The collection will also be available for viewing by any member of the general public who asks to see it for research purposes.

Laura Walton from the Trust said

Finds like these are very rare for us and the documents are invaluable to help us build an understanding of the town’s history. This grant is giving us the opportunity to preserve the papers and enable them to be seen by the public for the first time.

Biggleston Papers

Biggleston Papers


Award for Best Use of Heritage, Arts, Culture or Sport in Place-Making

2016 Annual Awards

12 June 2016. Harvey's Foundry Trust and the Prince's Regeneration Trust have received the 2016 award for Best Use of Heritage, Arts, Culture or Sport in Place-Making for our Phase 3 Project. The shortlist of seven also included:

Harvey's Foundry Trust chairman, Brian Capper, complimented the team for a great outcome.

For more information on the project and the Trust, please call Laura Christon on 01736 757683.

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2016 Award

£3.7M Lottery grant to complete regeneration of historic Cornish foundry in Hayle

Grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund

12 February 2015. Today, Harvey’s Foundry Trust has been awarded £3.7 million from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) to complete the 10-year regeneration of Hayle’s 18th-century Harvey’s Foundry. 

This new £3.7million will enable the Trust to save the final buildings on the site, transforming two Grade II listed buildings into 18 high-quality office units with the capacity to create over 80 new jobs for the town.

Part of the Cornish Mining World Heritage Site, Harvey’s Foundry was established in 1779 and for over 200 years was renowned for Cornish ingenuity and engineering excellence.  During the Industrial Revolution, it powered heavy industries ranging from mining to ship-building. Unfortunately, as the Cornish mining industry collapsed the company went into decline. In the early 1900’s it was closed and the site was subsequently divided up and sold off.  As the fortune of Hayle demised, so did the site with buildings being abandoned and subjected to arson attacks.

Today, the site has benefitted from a regeneration programme spanning 10 years that has seen it transformed into a vibrant hub housing 40 businesses creating over 150 local jobs. This HLF grant completes the funding package for this £4.7 million redevelopment that also has been received support from English Heritage, Garfield Weston Foundation and the Headley Trust.

For more information about Heritage Enterprise and to see a short film, visit

For more information on the project and the Trust, please call Laura Christon on 01736 757683.

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Phase 3 Development

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Trust secures £75,000 additional funding for Phase 3

Grants from Garfield Weston Foundation and Headley Trust

The Trust is delighted to announce that it has secured an additional £75,000 of grant funding to go towards the Phase 3 project. We have received £50,000 from the Garfield Weston foundation and £25,000 from the Headley Trust, this money will go towards the capital cost of rebuilding the Pattern Store and Plantation.

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Image of Dorothy Cook being interviewed by the Hayle Oral History Project

Hayle Heritage Centre Opening!

Open to the public
30 August 2013

On the 30th of August Hayle Heritage Centre will be opening to the public. Based at John Harvey House on Foundry Square, this centre gives residents and visitors a chance to learn about Hayle’s fascinating history.

As part of our grand opening we are running a number of free activities from storytelling sessions to a guided tour and kids craft afternoon.

For more information on the exciting activities planned check out our website at

Image of Dorothy Cook being interviewed by the Hayle Oral History Project
Supported by The National Lottery through the Heritage Lottery Fund Image of Dorothy Cook being interviewed by the Hayle Oral History Project Hayle Oral History Project Link